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The CULS Way

When we organized CULS in 2004, we noticed that the auto lending market had flooded with investment opportunities.

CULS is a prime indirect auto lending participation company. CULS sells prime auto loans to community financial institutions. This reduces the exposure and risk to any one institution while maximizing their yields.

CULS has grown since 2004. CULS has partnered with 13 financial institutions and has auto loans in 13 different states. This allows CULS to diversify your portfolio, avoiding the effects of regional downturns. It also gives our partners access to markets they wouldn’t have otherwise. CULS can go places that a small institution just doesn’t have the resources to enter.

As of 2015, CULS has purchased and participated in over $4 billion in auto loans. CULS currently has over 61,000 loans in its portfolio, valued at over $1.2 billion. All with a commitment to getting the best yields for the lowest risk. Strong borrowers, strong loans, strong investments.