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Questions about CULS

Does CULS have online banking?
CULS does not currently have a full-fledged online banking product. However, you can still view your account information, make payments, and view your e-statements online.

I don’t want to enter all this information every time I come to your website. Why can’t I login using a user name and password?
CULS does not currently have a full-fledged online banking product. However, CULS still strives to provide the best service possible to its customers. In order to provide you with the current online banking setup, we need to verify the information to ensure your identity. Keep an eye on our website; big changes will be heading your way soon.

I really like CULS, but I can get a better rate somewhere else. How can I refinance my loan with CULS?
CULS values your business. However, CULS only offers loan through our dealer partners and does not offer loans directly.

Compound interest, simple interest, GAP, warranty, UGH! Do you have any information on these things?
CULS knows that loans and car buying can be tricky. That’s why we have a financial education section to help make even these complex topics more accessible. Please check out our YouTube channel here for explanations of these concepts and more.

Is CULS a credit union?
No, CULS is a CUSO. That means that we are owned by credit unions, but we are not a credit union and don’t provide credit union services.

Does CULS have skip-a-pay?
CULS does not have skip a payment, but we do have deferments. If you face financial difficulties and cannot make you next payment, please call (866) 612-2857 for more information.